Local Capacity Development

Monitoring change in the environment is fundamental to successful conservation and management. Our team possesses extensive global experience monitoring coral reefs, and we have shared our expertise with local and international NGOs and government within the Maldives. We have hosted representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Marine Research Centre, Environmental Protection Agency, and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature for a workshop on how to monitor coral reefs.

We have further enhanced local capacity by delivering workshops on how to manage, analyse and interpret findings from biological assessments, by sharing our technical expertise and working closely alongside others within the Maldives towards a common goal: helping the environment. Through close collaborations between public and private sectors, working closely with Universities, researchers, visitors and the public, we promote knowledge exchange and development. We hope the guidance and partnerships we support will continue to be of benefit to everyone across the Maldives as we seek to understand and manage environmental change.

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