Climate Change


The Challenge

Tackling climate change is essential for sustainable development and poverty eradication, and a critical component of Banyan Tree’s sustainability efforts. Climate change represents an important yet daunting global challenge, with potential direct and indirect costs through impact on human and natural systems that may affect destination quality, consumer demand and travel, as well as disaster frequency and severity.

While small scale efforts may suffer from economies of scale and lack of impact, they can still provide some respite and produce working models that lead to change and positive impact. As a global company, we accept our global responsibility to conserve and safeguard natural and cultural heritage, and we strive to improve resilience in the face of unprecedented global change.

The release of the IPCC report in 2018 once again highlighted the threat of climate change, and the action needed to restrict global temperature rise.

Our Approach

Banyan Tree’s actions on climate change are integrated throughout environmental, social and governance sustainability efforts, in alignment with the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (2015) call to connect with global climate action.

In support of Singapore’s Call for Climate Action in 2018, we continue to tackle resource efficiency and use, promote responsible travel, greening and reforestation, and support local capacity development and resilience to change.


climate change and related issues into business strategy


the global transition to a low carbon economy through emission reductions


the value of cultural and natural heritage and strengthening local resilience where we operate


responsible travel through a participatory approach


stakeholders across our value chain

Our Goal

Banyan Tree endeavours to raise awareness of important global issues relating to the environment, particularly the effects of Climate Change, via our support of Global Events and Celebrations, as well as establishing our own initiatives.

Specific goals relating to the topics mentioned above, can be found on their individual pages on this website.

Our Progress

Our Greening Communities challenge

Raises awareness of climate change and sequesters carbon emissions by planting trees. The average tree sequesters up to 40 kg of carbon per year; the 493,582 trees planted since 2007 sequester up to 19,743 tonnes of carbon annually.

In 2019 we will complete a review of our efforts and look to establish new targets.

Earth Hour

Every year we give a voice to climate change awareness by joining the global Earth Hour movement and turning off all non-essential lights for one hour at our properties world-wide. In 2018, our engagement increased significantly, saving over 5,000 kWh of electricity: the equivalent of 13 months household electricity consumption of a 4-room public housing unit in Singapore (EMA) – or 17 months in the average household worldwide (ENERDATA via World Energy Council).