Health & Wellbeing

“When the waves are hitting the beach, what do you do? You anchor.

You put your feet down to the sand. You hold hands together so you’re stronger, forming a defence wall — you anchor and support…

If you try to move forward, you’ll be swept by the waves. If you try to move backwards, you lose your balance.

The thing is, if you don’t move, you’ll hold together stronger, resistant to the onslaught, and tilt your head above the water.

And that’s what happened.”

Ms. Claire Chiang

Banyan Tree has experienced many difficult periods over the years – the SARS outbreak in Asia, flash floods and political riots in Bangkok, a number of Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in China, Mexico and Indonesia and the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Throughout these challenging times, Banyan Tree has demonstrated its resilience – as a business and as a community. It has stood beside its people – associates, guests and members of local communities – bouncing back each time, stronger than before.

We created a motto to strengthen our bonds when the going gets tough:

‘Unity in Diversity, Together We Unite’.


1,959 participants engaged in health and wellness events and activities, visited or made donations to nursing homes, senior citizens and special needs children, directly benefitting 416 individuals. 283 participants from 10 properties donated 93,100ml of blood (658,303ml since 2018). Support for radiation and chemotherapy for one of our Seedlings students suffering from stage 4 cancer was provided in Vietnam.

Donations and Fundraising

4,379 participants including 1,465 associates, supported fundraising events, runs and donations to vulnerable community members, including 1,010 meals (85,339 since 2014).