Give a man a fish, you have fed him for a day – teach a man to fish, you have fed him for a lifetime

Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

The signature Seedlings programme was conceived to do good, while doing well, and provides not only pathways out of poverty for those born into disadvantaged sectors of society, but empowers local communities to cherish and protect what is rightfully theirs. It creates possibilities and embodies the paradigm shift Banyan Tree champions—a legacy of congruence between positive change and stewardship, that in turn brings about prosperity by transferring the responsibility, skills and knowledge into the hands of future generations.

Our seedlings programs aim to nurture young people at risk of societal exclusion, providing vocational and life skills and education, and preparing them for life and work.

Launched in 2007, this two phased programme supports mentorship and scholarships:

Mentorship: Young people between the age of 12 and 18 are mentored by volunteering associates who’ve undergone mentor training.

Scholarships: Banyan Tree provides financial support for young people who face challenges in affording to continue their education.

Structured topics help guide mentor-mentee interactions to reinforce communal values along four key areas:


Languages & basic computing


Heritage, culture, arts & crafts


Natural conservation activities


Nutrition, sport & healthy lifestyle

Number of Mentees in the

107 – 2019
82 – 2018
100 – 2017

Work Days of
Mentorship Provided


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In 2020, we will revise the programme structure and guidance to maximise impact.

Eat for Good

The foundation for Banyan Tree’s signature Seedlings programme originated with the concept of training disadvantaged youth in food and beverage service and cooking, equipping them with skills sought after by the hospitality industry, and thus providing them with a pathway out of poverty. Our Seedlings Cafés leverage Banyan Tree’s Food & Beverage expertise to create a lasting positive impact within host communities. Initial seed funding for Seedlings Café is provided by Banyan Tree Global Foundation.

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