Global Reporting Initiative

Sustainability reporting is increasingly mandatory, with requirements for stock exchange annual reporting. Reporting requires transparency, consistency and comparability. Therefore, we reference the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards throughout our progress reports as these independent international standards assist communication of efforts. For clarity we have simplified our sustainability report content while maintaining transparency by integrating greater detail in our website.

Although presently no tourism sector specific standards exist, we present disclosures from GRI 102 General Disclosures and GRI 103 Management Approach for each material topic from GRI Standards 2016. Progress towards goals are presented with the past three years’ data to reveal the trend in our progress. Our sustainability journey is an iterative process, whereby we are constantly reviewing and revising our progress and setting new targets so we continually strive to do better.

Each material topic summarises the importance, scope, management approach, targets and progress for each material topic. A complete GRI Standards content index can be downloaded below.