Our Responsibility

“We do not practice sustainability or corporate responsibility because we feel that we have to…

…We do it, simply because it is the right thing to do!”

Ms. Claire Chiang, Chairperson, Banyan Tree Global Foundation

Businesses have tremendous power to promote sustainable development, contributing to society and the environment in a positive manner. What was once seen as impossible, may now be possible and business can serve humanity rather than being served by it.

Banyan Tree’s governance approach is prudent, ethical and accountable, with internal and external engagement and participation, external benchmarking and certification, and transparent reporting since 2006. Sustainability reporting is an iterative learning process, one that must be forward thinking to identify and address new challenges and opportunities through a willingness to improve and positively contribute to society.

The Challenge

Good leadership is required to drive sustainable business practices that connect on a personal level. This requires leadership that is proactive and adaptive to global societal and environmental change, capable of predicting through complexity with a pragmatic, holistic and results oriented approach.

Our Approach

We strive to create an ethical culture to do the right thing, to motivate and inspire, and protect the long term by making tough decisions in the short term.

As a publicly traded company, our Board of Directors and Management teams are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance based on the recommendations of the Code of Corporate Governance. The breakdown of the Board of Directors can be found in the Annual Report. The Board of Directors consider sustainability issues as part of the company strategic formulation, approved the material topic selection and provide oversight to their management.

Sustainability leadership is supported by a group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee established in 2004 and Banyan Tree Global Foundation established in 2009. Each property has a designated CSR representative and committee that meets monthly. Compliance to Banyan Tree’s sustainability standards is assessed annually with an online or onsite CSR audit of environmental, social and operational systems and initiatives.

Our Goal

Instil sustainability as a core value of Banyan Tree’s operations and experiences through strong leadership and active engagement.

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