Build for Good


Since the Group’s genesis, whereby an old disused tin mine was remediated into a veritable haven in Bang Tao Bay, Banyan Tree has continually sought to develop responsibly and sustainably. This ethos has been manifested via a commitment for all new developments to be able to pass certification to leading international standards for sustainable development.




Banyan Tree’s preferred partner for sustainable design certification, EarthCheck, adopts the most relevant and rigorous global framework for benchmarking and certifying sustainable operations to better manage, measure and deliver sustainable tourism outcomes. We will strive to have all properties registered and active within EarthCheck. For more details about the methodology and approach, please visit their website.

In addition to maximizing natural lighting, air flows, and other natural features, Banyan Tree has committed to achieving international design certification. Banyan Tree’s partnerships with EarthCheck, GPS Development Services and its GPS Green experts, and our own in-house design and construction team, has led the following achievements:

2013 Laguna Lang Co- EarthCheck Design Standard (Precinct)

For more info, visit the Laguna, Banyan Tree or Angsana websites.

2014 Banyan Tree Huangshan- EarthCheck Design Standard (Precinct)

For more info, visit the Banyan Tree Hotels and Banyan Tree Residences websites.

2014 Banyan Tree Yangshuo- EarthCheck Design Standard (Building)

For more info, visit the Banyan Tree website.

2014 Cassia Phuket- EarthCheck Design Standard (Building)

For more info, visit the Cassia website.

Energy emissions, water use and waste production are closely monitored, measuring progress against context-specific industry baselines and best practices, established in collaboration with EarthCheck.


A significant KPI involves implementing at least one energy reduction initiative per property each year. Our primary focus has been to increase efficiency, reduce resource use and waste, but we acknowledge a growing commitment to renewables and sourcing clean energy, where available, will be required in the future. We also seek to target improvements on the three greatest property-consumers of energy.


Whilst most of our properties exceed industry baseline standards for production of low CO2 emissions, our focus for improvement in 2018 is our lowest performers. We also continue to educate and raise awareness of the linkage between harmful emissions and climate change, as well as the impacts they are having on both the environment and all living beings.


We perceive water as one of the most important resources on the planet, and via conservation initiatives we are reducing our water use (litres per guest night) year upon year. One of our main agendas is having all of our water sources recorded through EarthCheck.


With new zero single-use plastic and zero waste-to-landfill policies on our horizon, waste reduction is arguably one of the biggest areas of focus for Banyan Tree in 2018. We want to re-align our focus on the 5 R’s: Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Remove and Recycle.