Leadership Statements

Banyan Tree Global Foundation Chairperson’s Message

Doing good does not always mean doing more, but often requires doing things better. Consequently, we have focussed our sustainability endeavours as we strive to RAISE the bar and increase Resilience in communities and environments where we operate, Align our efforts with global initiatives, drive Innovation to tackle new challenges, and connect with Stakeholders to increase Engagement.

Aligning our approach with the Sustainable Development Goals, we address global contemporary issues within local contexts and better frame our efforts for future challenges. Implementing a philosophy of reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle and remove we began to tackle the global issue of single use plastic. Reducing food waste and evaluating our supply chains are moving to the fore of our sustainability strategy.

We look to raise the standards of good practices, raise awareness in the community on climate change impact and corrective agendas, and raise the spirit of partnership with various agencies to do good, to ultimately create stewardship for the global community and environment.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms Claire Chiang
Chairperson, Banyan Tree Global Foundation

Executive Chairman’s Message

Singapore declared 2018 the year of climate action. While it can be easy to become immune to climate change warnings, or complacent in our actions, the recent IPCC report reinforced the threat climate change poses to the world. Now more than ever it is important for us to heed these warnings, and to act with ever greater vigilance. As a business founded on sustainable development, we continue to embed climate
change within our sustainability efforts and business decisions. Adhering to the precautionary principle isn’t always enough, and we strive to do more than the bare minimum.

A sustainable mindset may be seen as a disturbance to business, much like climate change to the environment. However, a forward thinking approach is necessary for us to ensure that business, the livelihoods and communities it supports, and the environment in which we operate, develops and maintains resilience to future change.

We hope our efforts reported here encourage others, and we commit to always do more so that travellers can continue to “Stay for Good” with Banyan Tree.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr Ho Kwon Ping
Executive Chairman, Banyan Tree Holdings Limited