Empowering Education

The benefits of education towards betterment of life and poverty reduction are not just for Banyan Tree’s associates, but also for our external communities.

Education combats poverty and betters the lives of communities. A context based approach identifies local needs and opportunities to support education at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. A range of efforts have been implemented to support universal education goals through inclusive and quality education for all. This has resulted in a semi-structured but diverse contribution to supporting sustainable communities through inclusive and quality education.


Internships provide valuable learning experiences to develop future hospitality professionals. Predominantly as part of tertiary education requirements, 1,083 vocational internships were supported with a combined equivalent of 405 years of training in 2020.

Education, Classes and Camps

Objective: Assist creation of learning environments.


  • Classes in schools and universities, equipment donations, and infrastructure maintenance supported 10,903 students and community members with the help of 796 associates and guests.
  • Our Children First Fund contributed THB0.59m (US$19,657) to support 400 orphans in Phuket.
  • While schools were closed due to COVID-19, our associates from Laguna Lăng Cô documented teaching methodologies, lesson plans and experiences from its ‘English is Fun’ programme into a handbook to help secondary school teachers plan and deliver English lessons on 20 different topics.
  • Banyan Tree Holistic Education Outreach Programme (“BE Hero”) implemented in Kuala Lumpur increased the pass rate from 74% to 77% for 40 underprivileged students through English classes, a half-day motivation event, and 48 students on a three-day “green” leadership camp.

Laguna Phuket Kindergarten

Objective: Support early life emotional and intellectual development for independent life-long learning.

Progress: 156 children aged 3 to 6 enrolled in 2020, with 16 associates supporting. Since 1992, 1,663 students have enrolled, with 1,035 graduating. The graduation number appears lower due to students transferring before graduation.

Laguna Phuket Community Centre

Objectives: Support long term vocational and life skills training and community enrichment.

Progress: 213 learners (8,688 since 2007) participated in English language, Chinese Culture, performance arts or general life skill lessons.

Fully Booked! Mobile Learning Centre

Objectives: Reintroduce reading, a basis of selfempowerment, to local community members who may lack adequate access to books.

Progress: 899 students and 49 teachers in the Phuket and Pang-Nga areas benefitted from weekly sessions on English and Sufficiency Economy Learning. Since 2014, 3,741 students and 203 teachers have benefitted.

Vocational Training and Capacity Development

Objectives: Develop career skills and capacity of stakeholders and local partners.

Progress: 707 participants engaged in workshops, lectures and training on sustainable tourism.