Associate Development

The Challenge

Investing in associate learning and development supports long term business growth. Developing and nurturing associates ensures a consistent and effective approach to personnel sourcing. In a globally aging population, retention of personnel is particularly important.  Education and professional growth supports sustainable development, provides pathways out of poverty, and is a key component of Banyan Tree’s social responsibility commitment.

Our Approach

This approach is supported by a promotion strategy from part time to full time, and non-management employees, supervisors and managers moving to positions of higher responsibility. Associate service is recognised through monthly, quarterly, annual and long service awards.

Training needs are identified through observation, guest comments, associate satisfaction surveys, audits and inspections, and biannual performance reviews. Development is supported by skills and knowledge training, individual and group learning, online and distance learning, cross exposure programs between departments locally and internationally, and through Banyan Tree’s management and spa academies.

Our Goal

The company wide KPI is 5 hours of training per associate per month.

Our Progress

In 2019, we exceeded our target, with an average of 5.3 hours of monthly training per associate (6.3 hours per female associate and 4.8 per male associate).

Training Investment

528,343 Training hours in 2019
506,826 Training hours in 2018
435,835 Training hours in 2017

Our Academies

Banyan Tree is one of the few hotel companies that has not only developed extensive learning and developmental programs for the benefit of its employees, but further implements and conducts its programs through separate academy units, which are operated by full time training and development staff.

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Banyan Tree Management Academy

Banyan Tree Spa Academy