Applying for a Grant

Our 2023 call for proposals is now closed. Applicants shall be informed of outcomes in December 2022. Unsolicited proposals will not be considered at this time. Our next funding call deadline will be September 30, 2023.

Projects that do not meet the eligibility criteria, or unsolicited proposals outside of this funding call shall not be considered unless they are for urgent humanitarian need. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot provide clarification on individual projects.

Before applying, please ensure you meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • I am over the age of 18
  • I do not have an active grant with BTGF
  • My application will be written in English
  • My project has local collaborators (if I am not from that location)
  • My project will start within 6 months from the application submission deadline, and completed within twelve months of fund issuance.
  • My project has additional approved funding if the grant does not cover all planned costs

Applying for a Grant

  • Applications must be submitted in English using the project form. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Submission deadline is midnight Singapore time 30th September for project fund release January the following year. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • Projects shall not be considered in countries where Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts do not operate (please see for locations). Projects are not currently accepted in India. Projects will not be considered outside this geographic restriction, requests will not be negotiated or response provided.
  • Projects must align with one or more focal areas within the BTGF framework, unless a specific call to action is issued.
  • We are currently not funding projects in China.
  • To apply, please download the forms below and submit the completed proposal form along with all supporting documentation.
  • Form to download:

Budget Guidance

  • Grants may request up to US$10,000 (including GST) but applications for amounts lower are welcomed.
  • Funds will be released in stages, upon approval and signed agreement, with further fund release upon receipt of progress and final reports.
  • Funding is provided for project expenses for a maximum one year period.
  • Institutional overhead is not permitted.
  • Budget should justify why other sources of funding are not available.
  • Budgets should be accompanied by pro forma invoices for equipment and supplies.
  • We will not tolerate a grantee or anyone misusing funds. Deviances of more than 10% expenditure, including reallocation of funds, must have signed written approval from BTGF.
  • At close of project, detailed financial documents must be submitted for audit.
  • All original invoices and supporting documents must be sent to BTGF.
  • Unspent funds are to be returned at the agreed upon date.

Budget Allowances

  • Reasonable costs of travel, freight, consumables and incidentals required to deliver the project.
  • Travel: provide source for pricing, identify individuals who need to fly by name and project role.
  • Equipment and supplies: explain how equipment is integral to the project and not available through other sources of funding. Non-expendable equipment requests of more than $1,000 should be included and specifically identified.
  • Lodging and food: suitable, moderately priced housing in the respective country. Food should cover the cost of up to three, adequate, moderately priced meals per day; costs to include visiting team and local collaborators.
  • Salaries are not provided: stipends may be required to complete proposed work for non-salaried individuals. Team members with full-time employment contracts are not eligible including those on 9-month contracts. Team members include applicant, collaborators, local collaborator(s), assistants and/or consultants. Any stipend request must be justified in detail, and must not exceed 20% of the budget.
  • We do not assist with visa applications.

Application Overview

  • You shall be informed of acceptance of your submission after the submission deadline.
  • Proposals shall be evaluated on merit and scored against a rubric based on suitability and alignment, capacity to implement, risk and finance.
  • BTGF Executive Committee shall review scores, with BTGF leadership making final award decision.
  • Successful projects require the applicant to submit relevant paperwork before funds are released. Funds are expected to be released 3 months after submission deadline.
  • Unsuccessful projects will not receive feedback due to the volume of applications, and resubmission will not be considered unless invited by a BTGF officer.
  • A BTGF administrator and local Banyan Tree contact shall be assigned to each project.
  • Upon completion, all projects are required to submit a detailed report