Ethical Compliance & Anti-Corruption

The Challenge

Corporate responsibility starts with a value system, with fundamental beliefs on ethical principles that are important to our business and identity. Reputations take decades to cultivate founded on confidence and trust, forming an important but often intangible asset. A company that is indifferent about its actions faces high risks and potential costs from action. Rapid development of rules of corporate governance worldwide requires established systems to ensure compliance, while going above and beyond the bare minimum inspires trust and loyalty.


Our Approach

Banyan Tree was founded with the core value of sustainable development, and we continually seek to enhance corporate transparency and stakeholder accountability to create value with integrity. Business is conducted in accordance with the highest level of ethics and law compliance, following international and local anti-corruption, anti-bribery and labour laws, rules and regulations in countries we operate.

As a founding member and signatory of the  UN Global Compact in Singapore we are committed to upholding the Ten Universal Principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. We support the UN World Tourism Organisation Global Code of Ethics to support sustainable development, safeguard cultural and natural heritage, integrate locals, and support worker’s rights.

More about our alignment with UN Global Compact and SDGs here…


Our Code of Conduct strengthens associates’ awareness of good corporate conduct, governs conflicts of interest, and freedom from sexual harassment. We promote diversity and inclusiveness, hire without discrimination and recognise freedom of association. Our confidential whistle-blower policy affords freedom to report violations without retaliation.


Our Goal

Conduct business in a fair and ethical manner, promoting diversity and inclusiveness, to do more than the bare minimum to inspire trust and loyalty.

Our Progress

Associates are required to sign the Code of Conduct annually, with 99.5% completion in 2018.

In 2018, we had zero incidents of corruption or bribery, and no business partnerships were terminated or not renewed due to corruption.

In 2018 we developed training on anti-corruption and anti-bribery to be delivered annually to all our associates from 2019 onwards.