In 2007, Banyan Tree launched Seedlings, a group wide initiative to support communities by building capacities of young people. A concerted effort to harness Banyan Tree’s core competencies to support enhanced long term prosperity within communities, Seedlings aims to guide youths at risk of societal exclusion to achieve what may have otherwise remained beyond their means. The effort starts with mentorship, continues with scholarship, and completes with internship as a means to provide young adults with the motivation and means to complete their education and successfully enter the labour force as adults.

Teenage years are often filled with choices which, without the wisdom of adult experience guiding us, could compromise future potential. Consequences of such decisions are compounded when they compromise one’s education. The first phase of the programme mobilises associates from Banyan Tree resorts to inspire youths between the age of 12 and 18 to achieve what previously might have been beyond their means by helping to reflect the global choices available in the global economy. To effectively mentor youths, associates from Banyan Tree resorts undergo training conducted by the University of Wales which has facilitated national mentoring schemes in over five countries.

Banyan Tree considers education a key enabler and one of the most effective means to enhance long term communal prosperity. However, in many developing economies, the cost for schooling may not be within the reach of all families. In these cases where primary and secondary educations are luxuries, the second phase of Seedlings offers scholarships to youths who would otherwise not be able to afford continuing their education.

Upon completion of school, and when a child has become a young adult ready to enter the labour force, securing that first job can remain a significant obstacle due to a lack of work experience. At the same time, resorts, especially those in developing regions, need to be expert in various industry segments including housekeeping, culinary presentation, engineering and maintenance, information technology, front line customer service, marketing, procurement, security and landscape architecture. Through the third phase of the Seedlings initiative, optional paid two-year internships will provide job training and valuable work experience in the participating resort’s operational areas.


Seedlings 2009

By 2009, the seven properties participating in the initial program had expanded... more info



Seedlings 2008

In 2008, Seedlings completed its first full school year, and we took this time to carry out a review... more info



Seedlings 2007

Launched in 2007, Seedlings is our group-wide initiative to enhance the long-term prosperity of communities... more info


Annual Laguna Phuket Turtle Release Ceremony

Seedlings participants help in the Turtle Release ceremony in Laguna Phuket... more info