Banyan Tree Bintan Conservation Lab

Launched in February 2007, the Banyan Tree Bintan Conservation Lab was our first research facility catering to terrestrial conservation in Asia, in addition to its focus on marine conservation. Our Conservation Lab seeks to raise international awareness of the importance of Indonesia’s biodiversity, which is at risk due to unsustainable development practices causing habitat destruction. By focusing on three main aspects of research, education and outreach, we can host visiting scientists and other experts to research as well as implement strategies to promote ecologically sustainable social and economic development.

Our Banyan Tree Bintan Conservation Lab has recently won the 2008 PATA Gold Award in the Ecotourism Project category. This annual event recognizes exceptional achievements in various hospitality categories and seeks to highlight the best Asia Pacific’s travel industry has to offer.

Creating Value Partnerships
The Conservation Lab sets out to collaborate with key conservation groups, zoos, universities and other key stakeholder groups in the area to protect key conservation targets (i.e. ecosystems and species under highest threat or whose existence is believed to be in danger) while also working alongside local communities and authorities to develop and promote alternative livelihood programs that will ease the pressure on precious natural resources.

Our Conservation Lab is run by a dedicated team comprising a trained Environmental Naturalist and two local wildlife rangers with Marine Science and Biology backgrounds. Since April 2007, we have collaborated with international and regional experts in their field to host numerous studies and surveys. These include a reptile and amphibian survey, a coral survey, a bird and butterflies survey, as well as a study on the Asian Box Turtle.

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