Access to health care facilities in general is a pressing need in many developing areas; a community cannot thrive when major debilitating diseases requiring costly treatment such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, dengue, and other conditions are rampant within the local population. Banyan Tree seeks to uplift the community’s level of overall prosperity by also targeting the health and medical needs of the local communities.

A popular saying points out that a key measure of the level of development in a country is how well it protects its most vulnerable citizens: infants and children. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and we make it a priority to work with issues regarding health and safety of our youngest members of society.

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United Nations Millennium Development Goal #6 – Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases
United Nations Millennium Development Goal #5 – Improving maternal health
United Nations Millennium Development Goal #4 – Reduce child mortality

Malaria and Dengue  

Malaria and Dengue Awareness

Free screenings and awareness sessions for local communities.


Vertical Marathon

In September 2007, Banyan Tree Bangkok hosted the 9th Annual Vertical Marathon.

Vertical Marathon 2009

In September 2009, Banyan Tree Bangkok hosted the 11th Annual Vertical Marathon.

Walk for Chalk

 Banyan Tree supported the Walk for Chalk in support of the Chi Heng Foundation.


Combating Thalassaemia

Banyan Tree is helping the Society for Health Education to fight the disease.

H1N1 Virus

H1N1 Virus

Free Medication & H1N1 Virus Awareness Event


Supporting the “Teleton” project

Banyan Tree Mayakoba has decided to offer free haircuts for all guests and associates