Since its founding, Banyan Tree has sought to protect the natural environment. The importance of safeguarding the environment is central within our goal of sharing the original beauty of any location with guests and friends. This includes ensuring each resort fits into the local setting in a sensitive, meaningful manner.


Banyan Tree Bintan Conservation Lab Surveys

Surveys form an important part of our conservation efforts

Turtle Hatchlings in Vabbinfaru!

On Dec 2008, one of the turtles tagged by our Marine Lab has returned!

Annual Laguna Phuket Turtle Release ceremony

Banyan Tree Phuket involves Seedlings participants in Turtle Release ceremony

Blacktip Reef Shark Project

In collaboration, Banyan Tree began a 2 year study of the Blacktip Reef Shark

Education Programs

Want to share our knowledge of the “blue planet” with as many people as possible

Mass fish deaths

Banyan Tree Maldives Marine Lab partnered with the Marine Research Centre 


NAPWATCH is initiated to protect the endangered Napoleon Wrasse fishes.

PADI's Project Aware

Banyan Tree aims to create a better understanding of marine life amongst divers.

Turtle Conservation

Protect endangered species of turtles and increment the possibility of survival.

Hosting school field trips

Maldives Marine Lab has hosted groups of school children from local communities

Turtle and Beach monitoring

Associates conduct regular surveys during turtle nesting season

Turtle and Beach monitoring

Associates conduct regular surveys during turtle nesting season

Monthly reef and lagoon cleaning

The Lab have organized associates to conduct monthly reef cleaning sessions.


World Wetlands Day

Banyan Tree Seychelles celebrated World Wetland Day on 2 February 2007.


Reef Cleaning Dives


Coral Spawning

A research team witnessed the spawning of Acropora corals.

Ihuru Barnacle Project

A volcano shaped artificial reef structure that started in November 1996.

Ihuru Necklace

Like a necklace, to prevent beach erosion by creating an artificial reef.

Soft Corals

Soft coral transplantation and cultivation is a new technique to the Marine Lab.

Vabbinfaru Lotus Project

In November 2001, the Vabbinfaru Lotus was successfully launched.

Coral transplantation

Coral transplantation has a long and successful history on Vabbinfaru and Ihuru.

Soft coral transplantation

Soft corals are among components of a reef communitites.


Kampung Bahru Recycling 

Our resorts provide their recyclables at a very minimal sum.

Recycled Biodiesel

Banyan Tree Seychelles purchased a machine that recycles used frying oil.

Banyan Tree Ungasan Road Clean Up

More than 30 associates from JG1 to Excom showed up in the event.

Sian Ka'an Beach cleaning 2009

Celebration of the 24th International Beach cleaning day.

Reusing and recycling

Accomplished to segregate and send to different recycling processes


Sharing organic chewing gum with guests 

Banyan Tree Mayakoba therefore has chosen to give this chewing gum as a special gift

Starting off 2010 with Tree Planting in Banyan Tree Bintan

Laguna Bintan started the new year with a bang

Greening Communities program in Chiang mai, Doi Inthanon National Park

The team from Banyan Tree Bangkok planted a total of 250 trees.

Greening Communities 2009

The only hotel to plant trees in the city of Luang Prabang

Tree Planting Activities

23 December 2009 saw Banyan Tree Bintan’s last tree planting activity.