Turtle Conservation

Surveys and safeguarding of turtle nests started in December 2006 and it is ongoing.

Our resorts in the Maldives are known turtle nesting sites, with both critically endangered Hawksbill and globally endangered Green Sea Turtles nesting on the islands.  Conservation of nesting sites is vital to the future of both species; furthermore it is a high profile event which is of great interest to all guests. Sea turtles are a key stone species, as they are vulnerable to a wide range of destructive human activities they are important in raising awareness of multiple conservation issues. The Marine Lab team is surveying and safeguarding all nests, ensuring that the beach is as suitable for nesting as possible and that all nests enjoy maximum success.

Surveys are done under consultation with the Banyan Tree Marine Lab team, this is important in ascertaining information about the breeding population. The Marine Lab team has been trained in standard nest relocation procedure, so that nests lay in a vulnerable location can be safely moved to a safe location, and has been provided with information and data sheets to monitor the nest through to hatching and excavation, thereby ensuring that all data is collected in line with standardised protocols.

One relocated nest hatched in November 2007 allowing 21 green turtle hatchlings to survive.