Soft Corals

We have used Recycled material from the renovation of the island to create the gardens. Soft coral transplantation and cultivation is a new technique to Banyan Tree Marine Lab. Such work is being conducted in Indonesia and has proved incredibly successful. Soft coral samples are cultivated inside the lagoon using appropriate methods and then transplanted onto the reef. Soft corals are extremely popular with recreational divers because of their exquisite beauty but are generally uncommon in the Maldives.

The material used for this program: coconut shells and cable ties. A small portion of coral is cut from the mother colony that eventually will recover very fast. The portion is fixed to a section of coconut shell with the use of cable ties. After 3 week the part of coral is adapting to the surface of the coconut shell and generating 2 new colonies.

After one year the experiment showed good results. At the current time three small nurseries have created in the lagoon for new species of soft corals.