Sharing organic chewing gum with guests

In Banyan tree Mayakoba we are always searching for sustainable products made by local communities; that’s how we found Chicza.

The chewing gum (called Chicle in Spanish) is proudly native of the Yucatan peninsula. “Chicle” is obtained by boiling the sap of the trees into a thick paste. Hundreds of tons of this gum base are exported to every continent year after year. But sadly, commonly available brands no longer use natural “chicle”, preferring cheaper synthetic polymers that cause important problems for the environment as they take many years to degrade.

More than 2000 “Chicleros” from the Yucatan peninsula formed a cooperative and they decided to use their own natural resources to create a 100% natural, biodegradable and certified organic product: the first organic chewing gum ever made! Chicza is not only a top quality chewing gum, but also an outstanding example of sustainability, active conservation of rainforests and fair exchange between humans and nature. This process goes far beyond the simple production of chewing gum and goes all the way through the distribution chain to the final consumer. When you chew Chicza you are close to the essence and spirit of the rainforest, the lungs of our planet. And you make a direct connection with people of the forest.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba therefore has chosen to give this chewing gum as a special gift for our guest to share our commitment to local communities. We hope for more and more people to get to know this “Chicle”, as it’s an important part of our culture and an example of sustainability.