Earth Day 2010 Commemoration in Laguna Bintan

To commemorate Earth Day on 22 April 2010, Laguna Bintan conducted 3 activities. A total of 160 people participated in the celebration consisting of local school students, the local community, hotel guests and associates. The complimentary activities conducted were the planting of 1000 mangrove seedlings, snorkeling safaris, and marine biodiversity presentations by Dr. Jame Guest, a scientist from the National University of Singapore.

Planting 1000 Mangrove Seedlings

Laguna Bintan planted mangroves (Rhizopora sp.) at Sungai Kecil, Sebong Lagoi village. The local government has been developing this village to be an ecotourism village. The Forestry agency of Bintan Island has estimated that a total of 250 Ha of land in Northern Bintan needs to be planted by mangroves, including certain areas of seashore in this village. Most mangroves Sungai Kecil were damaged by people due to their lack of awareness of its effect to the environment. With this mangrove planting activity, we hope to encourage environmental awareness among the local population and encourage them to take good care of their surroundings.

During the mangrove planting, 139 people from different organizations participated:

a. 50 school students and 4 teachers from three different junior high schools

b. 31 local community of Sebong Lagoi village

c. 10 staffs of Tunas Harapan Ecotourism Society

d. 4 staffs of Bintan Resorts Cakrawala

e. 29 of Laguna Bintan associates from various departments



Henry Ali Singer (Conservation Manager), Trizno Tarmoezi (Dir General Affair), Azfari (Headman of Sebong Lagoi Village) and Ruslan (Chief of Tunas Harapan Ecotourism Society) talked to students and attendance people before doing mangrove planting.



Group photo before mangrove planting.



All Laguna Bintan seedlings students joined this event.


Snorkelling Safari

Nine guests from Angsana and Banyan Tree joined the snorkeling safari led by Abdul Halik, Conservation Lab Marine Specialist. The safari was held at Baracuda point, one of the best coral reefs near the hotel. The guests were able to see coral reefs that are common in Bintan such as Gorgonia sp., Acropora sp. and Turbinaria sp. Guests also encountered several fishes such as clown fish, parrot fish, cardinal fish, and butterfly fish.


Ten minutes by using a boat to snorkeling safari spot.


Marine Scientist Presentation

In the evening, Dr. James Guest, a marine scientist from National University of Singapore, conducted a presentation to 12 guests at Santai Deck, Angsana, about coral reefs and marine diversity of Bintan Island. Speaking also about the collaboration between the Marine Lab of NUS and Conservation Lab of Banyan Tree Bintan, Dr Guest held a Q&A session while guests enjoyed complimentary drinks.


Presentation at Santai Deck Angsana



CSR posters were installed around Conservation Lab.