As we celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2014, we made a conscientious effort to renew our vows to the sustainability journey on which we have been since creating the Banyan Tree brand.

Since 2005 when we created our first full time headquartered position focused solely on sustainability, we have argued in support of businesses embedding sustainability into the core of the enterprise by citing the business case of sustainability and the returns generated by a sustainable approach to business.

In the 20 years since Banyan Tree Phuket first opened, we have been steadfast in abiding by our root values. The values which are now called “sustainability”, “corporate social responsibility”, and “corporate citizenship” remain the foundation values which drive our business spirit. Over the past year we have sought to reinforce to our associates that sustainability is not a calculus of monetary gain, it is a matter of doing what is right: to create value by providing goods or services in a responsible way.

Business leaders must exercise their stewardship and lead by not chasing short term profits, but instead to generate long term impact by transforming the way we operate, live, and transact with all stakeholders.

We hope you enjoy reading about our efforts in the coming pages of this yearly Sustainability Report, and that you are inspired to step forward and partner with us to enhance the value created in various communities. The Banyan Tree Family of over 10,000 associates across 5 continents is committed to pooling our resources together by working with local partners to develop programs that help to build resilient communities. By embarking one step at a time in every journey of change, we hope to foster connectivity in our mindset and spirit to act on our mission in Embracing the Environment and Empowering People.

This is the third year that our Annual and Sustainability Reports are primarily distributed via soft copy (CD Rom or web download). As always, all of our current and past Annual and Sustainability Reports are downloadable from and

Yours Sincerely,
Ms Claire Chiang
Chairperson, Banyan Tree Global Foundation